The purpose of the reviews of resources found in is to provide the Marshallese community with a single repository of resources and an idea of their use and availability. This is meant to increase traffic to those resources and facilitate their use.


The following is the rubric used to review the resources and assign a rating.

  • Purpose
    • Does the resource have a clear audience?
    • Does the resource meet its stated purpose?
    • Does it demonstrate understanding/usefulness?
  • Design
    • Does the resource have a well thought-out design and layout?
    • Is the resource easy to navigate?
    • Is the font and the writing easy to read?
  • Accessibility
    • Is the resource easily accessible? Is it easy to find? Is the website fast?
    • Is the resource free? Is it affordable?
    • Is the format of the resource accessible?
  • Language
    • Does the resource use standard Marshallese spelling?
    • Is the resource completely Marshallese or bilingual?

Do you think these are valid points by which to judge Marshallese resources? What would you add? What would you take away? Let us know in the comments below.

Published by Marco Mora-Huizar

I am a Spanish and Marshallese translator. Iaar katak Kajin Majol ilo Enid, Oklahoma.

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