Beginning  Marshallese Vocabulary


The word iọkwe means both 'love' and 'hello'. It's kind of like aloha but in Marshallese.

Love, Hello

Bar lo eok!

Bar lo eok! means "See you later!" when talking to only one person.

See you later!

Bar lo koṃ!

Bar lo koṃ! means "See you later!" when talking to multiple people.

See you later!

Eṃṃan mour?

You can ask how someone is doing by saying Eṃṃan mour? or you can say Ej et mour?

How are you?


Eṃṃan means "good". You can pronounce the ṃ with a dot underneath like you would a regular m but just hold it out longer.



Enana means "bad". If you're having an extra bad day, you can say Elukkun nana.


Practice every day, to improve your fluency and knowledge.

Never stop practicing your Marshallese!