Lesson 11: Location

When you are talking about where something is located, like in the sentences ‘He is in the church,’ or ‘You will be in the school’ you must add a special word in place of the English ‘to be.’ This word is ‘pād’ and it means ‘to be located.’ Thus, in order to say ‘He is in the church’ you must say ‘He is located in the church.’ The word ‘pād’ always goes after the present, past, or future tense marker.

Lesson 5: Marshallese Subject Pronouns

In Marshallese there is a set of pronouns that is very much like ‘I,’ ‘you,’ ‘he,’ ‘she,’ ‘it,’ ‘we,’ and ‘they’ in English. These are called the ‘subject pronouns.’ In this lesson and future ones, you will learn how to use these words to make many kinds of sentences.

Glossary of Useful Words from Practical Marshallese

A glossary of about 1500 Marshallese words, in order of usefulness. Designed so you can sit down every day and learn a few new words.