Yokwe Online


Yokwe Online is an online community for Marshallese people. Find photo galleries, virtual town hall, downloads and other resources.


Marshallese-English Online Dictionary


The Marshallese-English Online Dictionary (MOD) is a revised and expanded electronic edition of the Marshallese-English Dictionary (MED below) developed in 2009. This dictionary sets the spelling standard for the Marshallese language.

Naan Dictionary


The Naan dictionary is an easy to use Marshallese dictionary created by Nik Wilson.




Quizlet is a web app and mobile app that lets users create learning cards. The link above are vocabulary cards based on Peter Rudiak-Gould’s Practical Marshallese.

Practical Marshallese


This is a freely distributed, full-length textbook for learning Marshallese written by Peter Rudiak-Gould. It has been used since 2004 as the official language manual for all volunteers in the WorldTeach Marshall Islands program, and it has formed the basis of language classes for Americans at Kwajalein Atoll. The 102 short lessons describe the grammar of the language in practical and familiar terms, and a glossary presents 1500 useful words.



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